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Alex Robertson

Alex Robertson


I have over twenty-five years experience in the computer industry, almost entirely with mini- and micro-computers.

Much of that time has been in technical and support specialist roles, with much involvement in the technical aspects of design, production and implementation of systems, with substantial amounts of programming work. This work was done using both high level and assembly languages.

Additionally, I have implemented local area network systems based on Novell, Microsoft and Unix (TCP/IP) standards using both Ethernet and Token Ring hardware, and have been involved in wide area networking in various manners to suit customer needs.

I have a wide knowledge of the products (both hardware and software) and services available in the PC Compatible marketplace in terms of types of product, capabilities, prices and often availability. I have, over the years, built up many "contacts" in the trade.

I was responsible for the development of software design and production procedures with one of the large corporates to satisfy their requirements and those of external auditors for the company to satisfy the requirements of BS5750. Another major part of my work experience has been as a project leader and, latterly, in middle to senior management, backed up by part one of an MBA degree. Much of my more recent work has been as a consultant specialising in Management and Financial information, particularly in conjunction with Sage's Sovereign Accounting System and Retrieve 4GL, and also acting as a consultant to a number of local dealers.

I have a grant of arms made by the College of Arms in London, and my wife and I were blessed with a daughter, Christine, in 1996.

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